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what can i do with old nokia 3310 components. are they useful at all? Answered

i have an old nokia lying around its a 3310. and i have cracked it open to see whats inside. it luks like there are some very useful components for making something useful. im a real newbie at robotics and microchips and that sort of thing but there must be something useful amoung its mases of black square eprom looking things...


Not much use for the chips in a phone since they're normally hardwired to do one specific task (besides an Arduino or a PICaxe micro is way easier to use). The battery, IMHO, is the most valuable part to someone in robotics (cuts down on buying new batteries every so often).


9 years ago

As randofo says, there's some parts thats useful. Especially the screen!

You could connect it to your computer and get it to send you information about it or use it as a link to a robot.

Well, at the very least there is a microphone, a speaker, a rechargeable battery and a small vibrating motor. Cell phone boards are hard to scrap for parts because all of the parts tend to be tiny and surface mount. You may be able to pull some surface mount LEDs off of the board or figure out something to do with the display.