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what can i do with old speakers? Answered

i want to do something kool w/ my old speakers, but i just have simple things around the house.  i don't have any wires except the ones connected to the speakers.  i want to do something kool with them for my ipod. HELP!


mb inventor

5 years ago

well you could look arownd for some old wiers because there not hard to get and if you know how to conect them you could make a set of headphones or somthing like that
its not as hard as you think


8 years ago

You will need an amp. if you want your ipod to drive the speakers unless they are very small.

You can get an amp out of lots of things.  an old tape player, and old boom box etc.

Or you could build a small one from parts available from Radio Shack.

Google "little gem amp".