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what can you explode Answered

such as salt peter can that explode


If you mix the right amount a certain chemicals, as long as it is under pressure it can at least "combust", right?

This was a poor post 3.5 years ago, but what are you asking today?


Me? I just like stuff thats rad and also stuff that can explode.

Can you get weedkiller containing sodium chlorate?


well, no. i am always in search on kno3, but i cant find materials for rockets. i just dont have time. i spend a lot a my days make viniger +bs bottle bombs. i need more info of scientific reatcions.

You need powerful-oxidants or fireworks, reactions are no good without the chemicals.


Yeah, it makes a nice fireball too :-)

It doesn't go BOOM, It just deflagrates

yo!!! u want to make some thing that will POP!! (explode). take 2 parts potassium cholrate ( if u can get it) or potassium permanganate; 2 parts way fine aluminium powder and 1 part fine sulphur. mix really good. add fuse and stand back. makes cool flash powder, but if you contain it, it WILL EXPLODE. take care and have fun....

A good source of books on what can explode is http://www.loompanics.com/. Or write to
Loompanics Unlimited
PO Box 1197
Port Townsend, WA 98368

A good source of chemicals is http://www.firefox-fx.com/
See also http://www.unitednuclear.com/ for supplies.

Some thermite mixtures will appear to explode. For more information see... http://developing-your-web-presence.blogspot.com/2008/10/on-titanium-thermite-bronze-age-and.html

People often make random changes to instructions and republish them as their own. There can be many errors in the reprints. So, use very small quantities when trying these recipes.

Safety Equipment. Use safety glasses, earplugs, body shields, and plastic mirrors (for looking at what you are mixing). Use a thick shield for your hands so they won’t be injured by an unexpected explosion. Use a fume hood and containment for spilled and spattered acids.

Remember, mums the word. The government won’t respect your right to make explosives.

Okay guys. I'm sorry for being so vague and all...but please! Take a damn chemistry class and then look into exploding components. Potassium Nitrate (aka:Salt Peter [KNO3]) is an oxidizer. It supplies oxygen to a fuel, such as aluminum powder (250 mesh or smaller). The problem is that this BURNS! Explosives such as trinitrotoluene, RDX, HMX, nitroglycerin, etc. all are called high explosives because they self-oxidize at a rate that's too high for a burn rate (what stuff that burns is rated such as gunpowder or nitrocellulose) and are classified by detonation velocity. I'm not going to give a crash course on this type of thing because it gets teenagers or even kids (the type that think they're cool because they made a "bomb") killed or maimed for life. Please, I urge you, do not take interest into this type of activity until you have completed the right training and received legal documentation permitting you to conduct these types of synthesises. However, to brighten you up, I will tell you that you can take Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) and add it to some sucrose, also known as sugar (C12H11O22) and burn it to make a smoke bomb. This does create a lot of thermal energy (fire - hot jet flames if it is directed). Melting isn't advised as there is a risk of burning the mixture when melted. As a side note, melting is just used to dissolve the Potassium Nitrate into the melted sugar, making a better mixture. If you have any questions or if you would like to know how to do the "real deal", then please email me at cobrasniper555@gmail.com. I won't accept any requests from "kools" (you know if you are one). Thank you, Cobra

for explosive such as alumium + oxidant ike ammonium nitrate you need to denonate to make it explode it's like petrol, if vaporised it detonates though most things tend to burn fast or defragralate (I think that's spelt right) like guncotton You know your stuff then... I personally agree with you, ok I have illegally messed with high explosives but you can't do a crash course on the internet it's like being taught how to shoot a gun or a bow over the phone...

Correct. High explosives are generally shock sensitive just enough for another explosive to set it off. This requires a blasting cap. However, I think it's a little hipocritical for me to be telling minors not to do such because I'm only 16 (17 in May), and over a course of 2 years, I've been on and off blowing things up by making high explosives illegally. I'm finished with most of the stuff that'll get me killed by staying with things that require brains to complete. I'm confident I've got the chemistry knowledge to do it. I am not telling anyone on how to do anything that'll kill them or put them in front of a judge or similiar. If you are going to try this anyhow, then I shall try to keep you out of harm's way as much as possible by not (I mean, N-O-T) trusting the Anarchist's Cookbook. The book is old and missing lots of crucial information. If you want to go the way I did, be safe and take lots of chemistry courses like stoichiometry (very important in the energetics field) and what-not. If you have any questions on how to do something, I won't tell you how. But if you are going to do it anyways and want to do a safe check. Please, contact me by e-mail and I'll tell you when you are ready to do this. Thank you, Cobra P.S - killerjackalope, it seems you know your share too!

I'm finished with most of the stuff that'll get me killed by staying with things that require brains to complete. I'm confident I've got the chemistry knowledge to do it.

This is so true, take making acetone peroxide for instance, as far as actually mixing it up, its as simple as making a cup of tea, however if you were to handle the finished, dryed product without the respect a high(primary)explosive deserves, you could lose a limb or your life, depending on how much you made.
Making a decent black powder on the other hand is a true art, and may take years of practice and testing to get it even half right, and it's not really that dangerous at all to handle, unless your dealing with silly amounts of course.
And what you said about the anarchist crapbook is all to true aswell, me, personnally I would'ent even class it as dangerous anymore, not with all the new bull shit 12year old litle kEwLs are publishing on he net, however it is a dinosour of a book, and most of the chemicals it talks off are no longer available to joe bloggs, on top of this most of the procedures are takin straiht from tv shows of the 70's and 80's. Its a comlete bag of wank basically.

I agree with the black powder argument. However, with acetone peroxide, even though it is an organic peroxide and amongst the explosives you do not want to encounter, is a great thing to learn with when you have enough knowledge and the right equipment. For instance, I have a $50 chem set with accessories like heat pads, extra beakers and flasks. Since I've done enough chemistry courses, I'm pretty confident that I can handle quite a few things "safely". However, I still don't feel like it's safe enough to produce explosives because there are many things that could screw up that many "kewls" don't know about. This is what troubles me when these 12 year old kids go around buying the chemicals they think they need and mixing them together or something. Well, this could go wrong very easily. I'll take the thermite mixture for instance. It's relatively safe to any adult or experienced chemist. When making the iron oxide (Fe2O3), the "easiest" synthesis to oxidize an iron material by putting it in bleach and adding chlorine tabs or the such. They usually make a cup of this mixture and hide it in their room from their parents. Now, for you people that know the slightest bit of chemistry or more, you see where I have a problem with this? Sure, the reaction takes place oxidizing the iron, but the sodium hypochlorite breaks down and the chlorine tabs, together, release chlorine gas (Cl2). If this is under your bed, the smoke detector won't pick it up and you will surely die. Like I said (sorry guys, just want to be sure), if you are going to do something for sure, please contact me so I can guide you through it safely (in the most respectful terms for the paradox that safety doesn't happen in making energetic materials)! Thanks Mr Slippy Fist and Killerjackalope for understanding and explaining everything! -Cobra

Same sorta thing except did it since I was 14, I was good at chemistry for a reason, I too distrust the anarchists cookbook, mainly because all web versions are made by idiots pretending to be someone who put his spin on it in a pre blog blog style... I know all too well why not to mess around with high power stuff, I got blown up a few times... but I also blew Up a cave we had a fire at the mouth of, It was good to see bits of wood burning through the sky... It's not worth letting everyone have this info, I know a fair few people who'd be in jail by now... Let them take a firework apart if they want to play, much safer than any high powered explosive, also never ever ever combine napalm and any explosive in to any device, the results are catastrophic... Ha I'm 17 in may, how odd...

Saltpetre ( KNO3) when mixed properly with exacting amounts of carbon and sulfur, will produce Black gunpowder. In a sealed canister, it could be "made" to explode. However, it is nearly impossible for someone without the proper equipment to mix it properly in the proper amounts. The best I did years ago (it is sold in my area for pickling purposes in 8 oz. boxes), was get some really big flames. Created a pot hole or two in the road too...but that was it.

As someone said here, even a balloon "explodes" when filled to full, but again, I would watch what you do that to also. I once was filling the front tire of my bike at a gas station air pump, and held the handle closed a little too long....the ensuing explosion of the tire left me without hearing for a few hours. The shrapnel from the tire (there is heavy gauge wire in the rim part of the rubber tire) could have cut me open in inconvenient places.

try that only about three hundred times bigger (front loader tyre) that blew at some point after 120psi...

I can just imagine.....I went nearly deaf from the bike tire :-)

yea, I think salt peter explodes, but if you can get some you can make a smoke bomb out of it if you mix it with sugar theres and instructable on it

That's burning, not exploding. Salt peter doesn't explode.

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All explosions are burning. It just depends on how fast it burns. An explosion is the build up of gas pressure from combustion. Its all oxidation. Rust is very slow burning. Potassuim Nitrate is the oxidizer

Not quite, an explosion is where a pressure wave causes decomposition (TNT, nitroglycerin, Semtex, c-4...). If you want to use the English (rather than chemical) definition, then not all explosions are burning-an over-filled balloon 'explodes' but does not burn, someone can 'explode' in anger or 'explode' into action.

i just read on Darwinawards.com that hydrogen peroxide and acetone has a very violent reaction...... (don't know what ratio)


10 years ago

Aluminum (foil) + Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) + WATER = Hydrogen
Hydrogen burns but under pressure will explode...

If you were to mix 1/3 parts hydrogen and oxygen it would be a lot more interesting.(remember to use a longer pole and hearing protection)