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what chemical do you get when you mix bleach and paint thinner? Answered

last night, I was mixing various unhealthy toxins (don't ask why), and when I added bleach to a vial of paint thinner, I suddenly ended up with a vial of brown lumpy things. what are those brown lumpy things? and, more important, are they dangerous?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I think, as Lemonie says, you've made a lead oxide, via lead hypochlorite.

These are the equations, and this is a video of the reaction.

Lead oxide is dangerous, especially on repeated exposure:

  • Lead oxide is toxic and, like other lead salts, can cause a variety of damaging effects. These include brain and nervous system damage, blood disorders, reproductive damage and anaemia.
  • Like other lead salts, lead (II) oxide is potentially very damaging to the environment.

Data sheet.

That sounds the most likely. It also would be important to note, in answer to the follow-up question, that no, this is not explosive, combustible, or entertaining in any way. "Reproductive damage" is enough to keep me away.

ooh noes you made something deadly!!!!! p.s. don't kill anyone with it p.p.s especially me don't kill me!

as I said, plants first. I've also named it properly: "Potion of Doom 1AX, probably very toxic"

I would strongly advise against testing on plants.  As I noted earlier, lead compounds are potentially very damaging to the environment, and if federal / national authorities caught you depositing them on your garden, or tipping contaminated soil into the refuse system unmarked, you would be in line for hefty fines.

 I wasn't thinking of dumping it in the garden, but isolating one little plant.
Depositing them in the garden would ruin the garden, and I don't want that.

Excuse me for the late comment, for an unknown reason I was not able to reply earlier.

I said "or".

I kind of assumed you'd use a pot-plant, but you would still need to dispose of the toxin-laced soil afterwards.

 That's true, excuse me for my mistake. Can't  it be disposed with a waist box?

Best bet is to take it to an official dump and tell them it's toxic.

That may cost, though.

Uhm... If you don't know what the product is going to be, you probably shouldn't be trying it... or at the very least, should be trying it under a fume hood and behind splash shielding. Darwin's law takes no prisoners.

Survival of the fittest. Deliberately doing something dangerous is a capital offense; if the universe catches you at it the sentence will be carried out automatically and there is no appeal. There are times to take calculated risks. There is rarely a time to take an uncalculated risk. There is never a time to take a blatently stupid risk. If you're going to experiment with things that you know are dangerous, learn how to protect yourself and others from the results if something goes wrong.

What type of paint thinner? (read label) L

it contains Lead, is for oil paint, and there's something about 'siccatif clear' written on it. it also has various warnings on it, but not a real product name. it is clear, transparent, and does not mix with water. that's all I know. and it is from Holland...

Hard to know, I might guess at lead naphthanate. The brown might be lead oxides or "who knows what". Are you thinking of some analysis or throwing it away? L

err... I might add it to a living oganism (plants)... and see what happens... and I will do further analysis too... maybe it's explosive, or, at least combustive. and, i've noticed, when the bleach and thinner are mixed in water, the brown lumpy things formed one big lump, which looked a bit like plastic....hm....

What kind of bleach? Not all bleaches are chlorine anymore.

again, I don't know. all I can say is: the label says "Toilet Bleach". and also, it says: "do not mix with other chemicals. dangerous Chlorine fumes can be released."