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what color is good for lucid dreaming? Answered

i want to make a lucid dreaming mask so that i could lucidly dream, i already have the program written down for the timing, but I need to know what color led's to use. here is a link about what i would like: http://blog.makezine.com/2008/06/19/how-to-build-a-lucid-drea/. i just really need to know what color would induce lucid dreaming the easiest. thanks



Best Answer 6 years ago

Red will transmit through your eyelids most easily, and all the versions I have seen had red LEDs, so I'm going to guess the answer is "red".

I have lucid dreams several times a week. I read my Kindle before going to sleep and sometimes get so relaxed that I nod off several times before putting it down. That's when I have the lucid dreams. Most of the time I realize I'm dreaming then realize that I must be asleep and that wakes me up.

So try reading in bed when you are really tired and ready to go to sleep.

I would think the intensity would be just as, if not more important than the color. You wouldn't want something so bright that you would completely wake up, yet not so dim that you wouldn't notice it in your dream. I think this would have to be tested with several intensities and colors to determine the optimum result.