what different between Rubber Stamp and Common Seal? and how to make them please? Answered


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You should say what you want to do rather than asking a question that somehow relates to it - you'll get a better answer.


A rubber stamp is just that, a rubber stamp.  It is made by applying a pattern to a sheet of rubber and then etching or removing the excess, then removing the resist pattern.  Now when you press it onto an ink pad it will leave an inked pattern the mimics the resist pattern.

A common seal is and animal found along the temperate and Arctic coastlines of the Northern Hemi.  Here's an article about them.

But I'll bet you meant the stamped seal didn't you.  Sometimes Google tries to trick you and see if you are awake or not.  That kind of seal, might imply that there is some legal force be hind the seal.  Like and architect's or engineer's seal.  The right to use them is given to them by the government and there are legal penalties for using them without the right or using them improperly.

If you meant an embossed seal, then that is made in a similar way as the rubber stamp.  Notable differences are that the embossed seal is made of a hard substance like hard plastic or nylon or metal in the better sets and there is a male and female "die" or pattern so that when you clamp a sheet of paper it actually embosses the pattern in paper much like a braille page.  Embossed seals are used for the implied officiousness of the sealing action and also for security.  It is very hard to alter an embossed seal.  Often times embossed seals are rubbed with pencil or charcoal so that they show up in a copy.