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what do I need to print a picture on a t-shirts? Answered


You will need a t-shirt,coloured wax crayons,A sheet of brown paper(the stuff that you wrap parcels in)two small old towels and an iron.Use the crayons to draw your design on the t-shirt,when you have finished  put one towel on your ironing board.Cut the brown paper to fit the size of the towel and place it on top of the towel.Then push the t-shirt with the design on it so that the back of the shirt is underneath the ironing board and the design is flat to the top of where you have placed the towel and the paper.put a piece of the brown paper the same size as the one underneath the t-shirt over the top of your design.Place the second towel over the top of this.Turn your iron to the hottest  it can go to and switch on.When it is very hot iron up and down slowly on the top of the towel for a good 5 minutes making sure that you cover the area of your design.After 5 minutes the brown paper will have absorbed all the wax and your t-shirt will have your design on it.It is ok to wash after this because the process makes it fix the colour to the fabric.

your question goes: what do I need to print a picture on a t-shirts?
Things that you need are:
1. A printer
2. A picture
3. A t-shirt

But if what your question was "how do I print a picture on a t-shirt?
Well, the easiest way I would recommend is to use an iron-on transfer paper.
1. Feed the transfer paper to the printer's tray
2. Use your computer to to print the picture or image.
*make sure to convert the picture to its mirror-image before printing.
3. Iron it on to your shirt.

Redrockers is right. If you want to do the printing yourself, then a t-shirt transfer is best, but if you want it professionally done then websites like customink.com, tshirtprinting4u, Vistaprint.com, or any other website that comes up on a google search of t-shirt printing will do it for you for like $4.50 (American Dollars)

I've seen some really cool stuff made with screen printing. It's not a very easy setup, but it looks like fun.

Marker? Solvent transfer? Spray paint? Screen-printing setup? Bleach? Discharge paste? Fabric paint? Block printing? Stencil? Paper transfer? How much detail? How many colors? What do you have available?

You could always get a local Printing firm to do them for you, I am getting shirts done with designs from my dA, Costs are around £6.95 on White tees, £9.95 on Black

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