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what do i need to be able to put a bike on the roof of a car? Answered

Hi, I'm wondering what i need to do in order to be able to put my bike on the roof of this car.  Do i need to buy something?  Or do i just need to fasten the bike on some how?  Thanks in advance :D



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While you might just take a rope or something alike and tie your bike to the bars, it is probably not very convenient and you will get in trouble if your bike drops - don't under estimate the forces generated by an emergency braking or the vibrations generated by driving on en uneven road.

They make special carriers that can be added to the beams on your car. Bikes can added without any tools and some allow locking the bikes to the car.

As you already have cross beams, the carriers will not be very expensive. Check with a bike dealer or with your DIY supply store.

And just in case, you'll be checked by the policy, you can show them the certificate that the carrier was tested and approved for transporting bikes and you don't have to discuss with the police if your ropes are save or not.

Thanks for all the answers, all of them are very good! :D I guess I don't really have a best answer, because they are ALL good! :D

As I guess you would rather not endanger other road users or get arrested for an unsafe load i would buy a commercial bike rack for your car.

Personally i prefer a boot mounted one as I had a bad experience with a low barrier over a car park once.

I tend to agree that roof racks are best used for things that a tail rack can't be used for -- boats, lumber, other stuff longer than your car is wide. Not least because hoisting stuff up and down is a pain.

(My van came with a trailer hitch; I have a bike rack which mounts to that. Just tossing out another alternative...)

But if you want to do roof rack for bicycle, and don't want to buy... The usual approach is to dismount the front wheel (you do have quick-release hubs, right?) and use another quickrelease hub or a set of bolts to secure the front fork to a bracket of some sort (see https://www.instructables.com/id/Roof-or-Truck-Mount-EZ-Bike-Rack/ for a homebrew version of that), which hopefully will keep the bike from tipping sideways or moving front to back, tie/bolt the rear wheel down into some sort of channel which will keep the whole bike from swinging around behind the anchored front fork... and then add a few safety straps in case it works loose. I'd suggest you go out and look at a few of the commercial racks in a bike store; that'll tell you more than my description does.


7 years ago

Well, there is a new outdoor duck tape contest that this purpose might work perfect for. Have some fun, get some tape, enter the contest and then afterwords get a bike roof mount bracket.

Well first it appears like you need a bike :) I'm just kidding. I say you flip the bike upside down and tie the handlebars and back wheel or seat to the rack things :)

hope that helps!