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what do the most popular integrated circuits do and what are some projects for them? Answered

I was wondering what some popular integrated circuits were (e.x. 555), what they do and what some projects you might be able to do with them, I would also like to see a "dumbed down" version of a schematic so it is easier to understand.



Best Answer 9 years ago

There are literally millions of different types of ICs. There are audio ICs, logic ICs, RF ICs, memory ICs... There is usually an IC for each purpose - for example, the LM386 is a simple audio amplifier chip used for battery-powered amplifiers that can drive a small loudspeaker. I've seen them used in cordless phones, cheap radios, intercoms and other places! Another example is the TL071 - an "operational amplifier" that can drive high impedance headphones, can be used as a low-noise microphone amplifier, used as the amplifier in a guitar "fuzz box", or used as part of an analogue computer... A quick look around the 'net will show you lots of IC circuits - some simple, and some really complicated. Choose your electronic application (a radio, an amplifier, a light sensor or whatever) and type it into Google - try "IC loudspeaker amplifier schematic", and you'll get hundreds of hits! You really don't want "dumbed-down" electronic designs. You'll have to make a little effort to learn about the principles of electronics, but it's not hard!


10 years ago

The most popular integrated circuits are the 555 timer chips.
  • They are used to make LED's flash.
  • They are used to make a tone on speakers.
  • They are used as a signal generator to test electronic equipment.
And they have a lot more great uses.

here is a schematic of the simple LED flasher below from this site.