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what do the numbers on the bottom of a california drivers license mean? Answered

on the bottom of a california drivers license they have numbers . i know one is the date is was issued then there are more what do they mean


It's the spacial coordinates of the CIA satellite assigned to track the movements of that card.

Are those "spatial" coordinates or "special" coordinates?

It's a legitimate variant spelling.

Er, I believe "spacial" is the American variant...

Weird. I've never run into that spelling....

You have to ask yourself: are you surrounded by space, or by spate?

Based on a description of the magnetic stripe contents, the information below the digitized signature are

  • date of issue (you knew that already)
  • the issuing office number
  • the issuing employee at that office
  • and the expiry (FD = "Fee Due") year

This is awesome info, I've been trying for years to figure out what those numbers meant. 
( I had previously  guessed that they represented the results on driving tests and were in shorthand for law enforcement to be able to quickly read )
  It does make more sense that the numbers on the bottom of a CA license are the dmv office routing #'s.

I just spoke with the CA DMV's public inquiry office (+1-916-657-6560) confirming the above.

probably the drivers license number - the unique identifier for each license.