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what do women like the best when getting them in the mood? or what moves do they like while making love? Answered


There's sume really good Lit. out there with tips, tricks, pix and handy pointers.  Go book shopping together and let HER pick out what peeks her interest, then read over it and try stuff out. 
Don't have sex for a month...just flirt and tantilize briefly and then at the end of the month love it up!  All the sexual tension & build up could just be the thing you need!?
Have fun! Laugh at the things that don't work and take joy in the things that do (then remember what it was & write it down!) 
Love making shouldn't be a chore, it should be an experience!

Spend plenty of time, they go slower than guys. Otherwise see previous answers.


The single best piece of advice you're going to get on this front: ASK, LISTEN, EXPERIMENT GENTLY, and PAY ATTENTION. There is no magic formula. Different people like different things, at different speeds, at different times...The secret to being a good lover, if there is one, is in realizing that you essentially must relearn for each partner.

The advantage experience may bring is in having a larger vocabulary of things that have worked in the past that the two of you may want to try. The disadvantage is that if you aren't careful it's easy to get stuck in doing the same old things the same way every time rather than remembering to look for opportunities to surprise and delight.

If you really feel you need a starting point, I recommend getting hold of a copy of The Joy Of Sex. Don't take it as gospel, but it will give you a bunch of reasonable things to consider, and may keep you from making some bad assumptions.

The other thing to remember is that for women, more than for men, whether they care about the person they're with makes a huge difference. The single biggest turn-on may simply be to be someone they can love, and who clearly cares a great deal about them. The most important erogenous zone is the one between the ears and behind the eyes. Remember that you're making love to a person, not a body, and behave accordingly.

(There's no short list of things that all guys like best either, though basic male responses are simpler and easier to trigger.)

 I'm not sure on the "woman" front per se,  But I can tell you what I tend to like.

In order to get into the mood, I require a certain "romantic atmosphere".  I'm not saying dimmed lights, candles, and "The Notebook".  Heck, no one likes that.  All you need is for instance, cuddling on the couch while watching a movie.  Brush my arm up and down with your hand, press your body against mine.

Talking about common interests, complimenting the person, and light kissing all lead to something "more".

As for sex, everyone is different.  Sorry, but there is no way to find out exactly what one person likes without trying it first.  The common idea is to "spell the alphabet with your penis".  It is tacky, but I find that it works, as long as the person with you doesn't catch you on it, otherwise they might call you out on it.

Sometimes, a partner will let you know what they like during the process, either by saying it directly, "Go a little faster", or "don't go in as far".  Other terms will be non verbal cues, like slight moaning, or cooing (sounds creepy, doesn't it?).  

Try starting off with some hand stimulation.  It tends to be a great lead in to something more, and can be just as fun.  Gentle rubbing is hot.  Just make sure it isn't creepy groping.  Sensual is the key.

Some like it rougher than others, but a suprising amount of them like it slow and passionate.  DO NOT HAVE SEX LIKE A RABBIT.  IT IS A TURNOFF.

Otherwise, you are going to wing it.  Hope I helped.

thanks that does help, ive been with the same girl for years im just looking to show her something new. kinda want her to be "wowed" by me. i know most of what she likes, i was just looking for sum extra pointers

 Oh, I though you were talking about getting with a new person.  

If you want something new, ask her about her thought about trying toys out.  Toys, flavored lubricants, and spicy lingerie can brighten up any room.  But then again, it varies by person.

And don't expect the toy thing to only be on her, you have to take, in order to give.