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what do you collect? Answered

what do you collect? i collect bionicles. there like models and are fun to make. so far i have 18 and a castle type thing. i have 3 that are around 7 years old!! btw. i also collect ds games(hence the name)


I collect things to collect. :)

-"Super balls" from vending machines. I have 85.
-Spare change. I will turn this into the bank when I fill the container.
-Random stuff, such as electronic components from musical greeting cards or Altoids tins.
-Shirts/apparel from my school, teams, or tournaments.
-Awards/certificates that I earn.
-Used crayons. (To be melted and used later.)

-I used to collect snow globes when I was younger.
-I used to collect stuffed animals when I was younger.

-I want to start collecting random metal things (screws, nuts, washers, staples, etc.) that I find on the ground.

Books, mostly manuals and science books, with a very VERY small selection of SciFi mixed in.

my wife, however, has more expensive tastes and collects Breyers.

My workspace.
It IS actually cleaner now...but that's not all of my workspace, either.

If you think that is messy you should see my shop area.

ha, my workspace is actually cleaner than it was. Well, since me and my dad built a big work table. It's cleaner than in the pictures, I did some organizing.
My Workshop

But yeah, workshops can get REALLY messy. I like mine clean and organized, but I'M not going to organize it...haha


10 years ago

Chicks. Ha!

No, sorry. I'm running low, only have 43.

Oooh, a lot of things. Cool trinkets, things I find, rocks, minerals, &crystals;, some Chinese knives, coins, dragon statues, statues, business cards, cool little things. Stuff like that.

i have knives and stuff like that and i know how to figh with them!

A buddy of mine from Ukraine gave me a Russian military hat with a bunch of military pins. He plans on getting me a communist lighter with a red flame. The old picture below was taken before my desk had my collections and trinkets on it. It also has my old business cards, which I have now changed to look more professional.


I have a few Wizard and Dragon with crystal on agate pewter collectibles. Have had them (2 of them) for a long time though.

Cool, a friend of mine has half of a rusted gun that he found on the beach.

(The hat is currently surrounded by (Fake) bullets, the revolver they belong to, a land mine, and knives.)

I collect pins, patches, cool looking junk, plastic models, wood models, inflatable novelty items, clocks, and pillows.

Okay, I've been told this is a creepy thing to collect... but I collect things that people leave in books that they sell at my store. I have two big plastic containers full of stuff. Tons of pictures, love letters, school notes, cards, etc. I find some really amazing things. I've got a freakin' Found magazine in my living room! This has also spurred my boyfriend's new favorite hobby: collecting ugly baby pictures. :D

You know, you could be ruining the perfect love story. What could have happened: John writes the most romantic piece of literature of his life, for his crush, Diane. It's a love letter, and he has written it ten times trying to get it right. He leaves it in a book that he knows Diane is going to buy. She gets his letter, falls in love, and lives with John for the rest of their days, until they both die in a horiffic bus accident. What would probably happen: John writes the most romantic piece of literature of his life, for his crush, Diane. He leaves it in a book that he knows Diane is going to buy. (This is where you come in) jessyratfink takes that letter for her own collection. Diane never gets the letter, and the last line of the book she buys is, "If you don't find love by the time you read this sentence, end your life." And she does. John spirals into deep depression, and joins Diane. You wouldn't want to do that, would you?? (that was a very long joke).

That's what they get for not being direct! I did however, find a really long letter in a book once. It was from a woman to her husband, and she wanted to leave him and their children and go live in the mountains. It's one of the saddest things I've ever read. I always wonder if she went through with it, or if the letter was placed in a book and forgotten about.

That's actually really cool now I come to think of it. Just the fact that there's a story behind each thing you find and another person with a tale to tell would fascinate me.

Oh, and here's an example of the weird stuff I find in books. I think it's one of my favorites:


That picture looks like the perfect start to a sci-fi movie/mini-series/series. You look at her picture, then she sucks you into another dimension. Or it could be an "object" from The Lost Room.

It was wonderful. The ending was good but it sucked. It looked like it would continue the mini-series. Like a part 2, but no. It has the potential to become a series. Hundreds upon hundreds of objects.

i am glad she is not going to help me. that pic is scarry! tonight i am going to sleep with a helmet on. at least i do not know her.

That's a weird picture. She sure doesn't look too happy.I think it's really interesting what people leave in books though.

You should totally submit stuff to Found. I love that magazine. I saw the guy behind it do some spoken word in SF a couple years ago. Totally hilarious.

Wow, seriously? Collecting pictures of ugly babies? Thats certainly out of the ordinary...
"I collect stamps, how about you?"
"I collect pictures of ugly babies."
*uncomfortable silence* "Ok, well, umm, bye..."

Of course I would just die laughing, and then have to apologize to him for laughing at his hobby.

Haha, it's okay. He laughs at his hobby. :P I really do wish I had a scanner so I could show you guys. I just haven't found a decent one yet. These pictures are really funny!


10 years ago

Electronics stuff, and junk (also electronic.) I used to want to collect one of everything cisco (where I work) made, but they got too big, and my personal involvement too peripheral. Got lots of the old stuff, though. Also books, of course.

And T-shirts, although I've gotten pretty tired of the personally-meaningless shirts of the sort you can pick up at trade shows, I still treasure things like my "If your computer doesn't have 36 bits, you're not playing with a full DEC" shirt. Though I don't think it fits any more :-(

Heh! Long live the binary digit!

Principles. I'm a jack of all trades, master of one. I love how principles of different jobs and skills transfer to others. Principles give you the biggest bang for your buck, and with principles and a little time, you can extrapolate any technical details you might have missed.

Here's one you haven't heard: Cutlery. Silverware. Forks, spoons, knives, sporks, knorks. Anything I can lay my hands on. I bet there's a hundred table-settings' worth of silverware around here.

You know, I just realized that chopsticks aren't in my collection. Do they count as silverware?

Also, have you ever wondered what the name is for a fork, a knife, and a spoon all together in one utensil? It's called a "splayd" and they are wonderful. Very underrated.

Interesting. I had not heard of them. I like my splayds, though. They're a bit /slicker/ than that Sporf.