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what does H2o satnd for? Answered

i want to know what H2O stand for exactly.


2 atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

well thats those two base molucules are what makes it up but keep tryin

Steve' knows the answer, are you thinking that this is a moderately difficult question or in some way derranged / intoxicated?


wow realy ti looks as ur a kid or somthin

say are u a kid or an adult or a teen

how many atoms are in the air we breathe? And what are they called?

sorry but am just askin the other tem for water

That is another term for water


actually i read a short article that said they almost banned "dyhydrogen monoxide" in one of the states because of it being a poison i forgot which state it was but anyway then a guy stood up and realized it was just water......

The objective of the DHMO site is to promote the myth that it's bad stuff through pseudo-science and statistics, in the same way people promote consumer products by saying "X% of women (surveyed, sample size =200) agreed that "product appears to do something". Anyone who takes the message seriously exposes themselves as not knowing what they're talking about and looks stupid. People who accept other pseudo-science and marketing statistics often don't look stupid, because there's a general lack of knowledge about the real world & science (think about who people vote for if you want a measure of world-stupidity...).
E.g. how many people know that this drinking 2L of water a day thing is baseless-crap hijacked by water-retaillers and quacks?


i know is just waste of the info and water beacause there only about a two percetage of earths water ment by fresh water if we dont take action of the water wasters our planet is doomed like big time....

Strictly speaking it is us who are doomed, the planet will still be there.


Always check your facts, never fall for spin (especially hysterical spin), never rely on a single source for your "facts", and beware of statistics.

I fear you may have been able to google this before you asked the site.

well no but i am just askin whats the other term for h2o


8 years ago

I'm having an extremely hard time telling the snarky side  of me to shut up, so I'm gonna ask: "Is this for homework perhaps?"

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I find people remember more of what I say when I provide interesting visuals.

ya tis ti my scince homework

Dihydrogen monoxide.
2 atoms of hydrongen and two atoms of oxygen bonded so that the electrons and hydrongen atoms form poles.
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The "H" stands for hydrogen
The "2" means two atoms of the atom that preceds this number so in this case 2 hydrogen atoms
The "O" stands for Oxygen.

Look it up at wikipedia.

you mean http://www.wikipedia.org doesn't work where you are? Lol.

How is it incorrect (you're asking the question)?


ah man sorry i thought i was type up in my com.net jounernal man i hate when my computer goes haywire.