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what does a box turtle eat? Answered

i found a box turtle and its been sticking around and i think its gonna lay eggs and it looks like her tail got run over i dont think she can find her own food or wants to leave the place i setup because there are dogs around so please tell me what they eat



These box turtles are gems of the forest - here are some of the nicest pics of EBTs on the net along with some little known facts:


Some box turtles are protected now.  But there is no law against feed one.

They eat just about anything they can catch and will eat freshly killed meat if they come across the leavings of a hawk etc.

Earth worms, beetles (not Beatles), caterpillars etc.

I had one that lived in my back yard for 10 years and I often fed it things that I caught..

What does Google say?


Have you bothered to do an internet search. There is all sorts of great information right there at your finger tips.