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what does hunting hound whooping sound like? Quick please! Answered

OK, in the book where the red fern grows billy always whoops on his dogs to let him know certain things, does anybody know what it sounds like exactly?
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Best Answer 8 years ago

it depends on what the dog is trained to respond to but any sound that can carry a distance like a high pitched whistle, a kiyyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiy or even the actual whoop sound drawn out then cut off...whoooooooooooooop whop whop, dooooooooooooooooooooooooog here dog dooooooooog. Some dogs would be trained so one word sends it one way and another word the other. whooooooooooooo may send it circling back to you to the right while haaaaaaaaaa sends it circling left and heeeeeeeeeeee tells it to sit and sound off

 woooooooop wooooooooop or weaaaaaaaaahor some crazy indian war charge sound thing 

.  Are you sure that is not whoop - as in "to hit or strike. from whip" - and not whoop -as in "holler"?

Nope, in the context of the story, it's clearly a vocal sound used to communicate with the dogs over a distance. What I'm not sure about is whether there's a traditional sound or sounds for such things (like the commands given to livestock herding dogs), or whether it's something that is unique to the dog trainer.

Yep, when I was a kid growing up in Texas, barking dogs and disobedient children were occasionally  the recipients of a, "Good whooping."