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what does it mean to be in love; how do you know you love someone? Answered

just a random questions really



 when you cant stop thinking about them and when you are always imagining yourself with them


8 years ago

When you love, you can easily see what infatuation is,-only then does the difference show.

It may take some time for this to happen, but when it happens,-you know, you will not need to question it.


8 years ago

Calvin and Hobbes put it best for me.

"Say, the object of your affection walks by.
Your heart falls into your stomach and splashes your innards.
The excess moisture short circuits your brain and you get all woozy.
Finally, your mouth burns out and you babble like a cretin until she leaves.
Medically speaking, that's love."

Infatuation is often confused with love.  Infatuation is a TAKING thing.  Love is a GIVING thing.  Orcasecurity has a good answer I also agree with and only want to add a couple things.  The opposite of Love is not HATE, it is INDIFFERENCE.  Many marriages end - not because of HATE - But due to not caring anymore.  We look at starving children on tv and - do nothing- not because of hate... it's indifference.  Love is caring for another persons health and happiness and wellbeing and DOING something about it.  The songs on the radio mention LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.... but what they are really singing about is INFATUATION kind of love. I like your question, because i think it is very important to know a mature definition of LOVE before you say the 3 magic words to another person.  And it is even MORE important to know THEIR definition when they say the 3 words to YOU!  Just my opinion.

I was gonna----but orksecurity for the win!

love is an invention. love really means nothing. love means different things to everyone. i love guitar, but i also love my mom. i also love my girlfriend. those are all three different types of love. my friend loves my girlfriend, but in a friend way (or so hes tried to convince me XD.) love is whatever you want it to be.

Imagine being away from them , or be away from them. Does it hurt ? 

Those are two different questions, at least as I use those phrases.

Being in love: Look up the dictionary definition of "infatuation". It's a lot of fun, but in some ways it's a selfish state because it's more about how the relationship makes you feel than about the other person. And it can be transient.

Loving someone is a matter of caring deeply about the other person's needs. If you love your family, or a pet, you already have some idea of how that feels. Love can outlast infatuation. You can love someone even when you're tremendously annoyed with them.

If you're very, very lucky, you get both at once, for both people, and both are willing to actively work at maintaining the relationship at that level. And, yes, it does take making a conscious effort to do so.