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what does it mean to have your question marked "winner"? Answered

thank you!



Best Answer 9 years ago

If the person who asked the question selects one of the answers as "Best Answer" (you'll be looking at blue buttons that say select as best answer right now), the question is marked as "answered" but this also kicks in the "winner" banner. It's part of the system meant for competition winners, they haven't modified it to say "answered" instead. Try it on this one. L

Conversely, if I post a question that doesn't get answered (I have a few now!) can I have a 'Loser' badge, please?! ;-)

I fear that you have lost your "Loser" badge, Kevin, due partly to a self-impoosed campaign on my part to strip you of that status. Your response-challenged questions, even those cleverly hidden over in the Discussions area, have been hunted down and provided with answers (of indubitably dubious worth, but responses all the same). Your avatar will now appear Loser-less, with perhaps just a slightly-less-faded spot and a few stray bits of virtual thread.

lol! Thanks, Gorfram! I'll be keeping a keen eye out for your queries - I truly hope I can help you sometime (but I will help others meanwhile!) Kind regards Kev

I hated the idea of anyone thinking they should get a "Loser" badge (even if only in jest), and so figured I'd go ahaed and take action. That your questions turned to be ones I found interesting and that I might even be able to help with was a happy bonus. :)

No. Maybe you can leave a comment like "can you give a little more detail on that" or something, but you can't mark it as loser. That wouldn't be nice, after all.

Only Instructables are marked winner and they are marked winner when they have won one of the comtests Instructables runs.

See Lemonie's response above (Best Answer). He's right; the database for contest winners is being reused to identify answered questions, and is just a little confuzzled.