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what does it mean when an ipod touch only shows a white pinapple on the screen and will do nothing else? Answered

i bought a used ipod touch for my son. it worked real good for awhile. i went to plug it in to my computer to charge it one day and every since all it will do is show a white pinapple on the screen. the pinapple will stay there untill the power runs dead.  i have tried to find out online what the problem might be by reading other peoples problems with there ipods but i can never find a simular problem as mine. i read stuff about this thing called jail break or something. all of it is just foriegn to me. i havent messed with it at all besides plugging it in to my computer to charge it in fear that i might make it worse. my son really wants it fixed. can somebody pleeezzz help me.?                                   its a 16 gb  ipod touch



8 years ago

 may want to restore it if the pineapple is still there after 5-10 minutes, otherwise its bricked

What search terms did you when you looked online? When I go to Google and type "ipod touch pineapple", I get over 260,000 hits, most of which say someting like "Stuck at Pineapple logo, how to fix?" Andy's DFU solution is right on the money, but I'm totally perplexed about why you didn't find it yourself.

The solution to your other problem is to tell your son to stop hacking his ipod and use the official firmware like a good boy.

As you say, just about all the posts relate to a jailbreak program - QuickPwn seems to be the main one.  Reading on, you need to go into DFU mode to Download Firmware Update from your PC.  That should restore the original setup (as it looks like yours is corrupted) and get you running again.

Plenty of links from HERE.