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what does "rich editor" mean? Answered

when you post a comment it says rich editor at the top. what does this mean?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Burf put it right, but I'll explain the word:
"Rich" is applied to food that is full of (something), here the "Rich" editor is full of formatting.
The basic one is like dry bread, "rich" being triple banana, peanut butter, dried-fruit and jam.



8 years ago

Thisisjusta few
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  1. of what

the rich editor can do.

can only pro members use it?

Unfortunately, yes. Pro memberships aren't that expensive, though, and I find they are well worth it.

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WHAT DOES DA bottom say lol my cat pushed CAP lock lol

Copy and paste it into MS Word or Notepad, then it blows it up bigger.

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Rich is the opposite of poor, and the current default editor is, alas, pretty poor. See the grumbles about losing paragraph breaks, among other things.


8 years ago

It means, if you want things likes beaks for paragraphs, or HTML, clickable links, bold or italics , etc. you should use the "Rich Editor."