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what does this dll error mean and how can it be fixed? Answered

i cannot install battlefield 1942 and i believe it is due to a dll file error when i log in. i use windows xp. the dll error is CTMBHA.DLL. i googled this and i came up with no results that will help me fix the problem. when i try to load the game to install it, i get an error that says "an installation support could not be installed. catostrophic failure" a file on the CD called ikernel is what cant be opened but i cant fix that either. can anybody help me?


yes the disk is genuine its not a burtn cd.

Have you tried support at ea.com?


Have you googled it?


7 years ago

If your sure its the DLL that's a problem then you get a copy of it from another XP computer. Do a file search and when it finds it copy it to your pen drive. Then copy that to the proper location on your computer. This does not always work but if its just a single corrupt file it often does.