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what electronic component has the markings "vw-" on them? Answered

My fan recently died on me when i smelled something burning and this is what happened. can anyone tell me what it is so i can replace it. Thanks:)


As iceng (A) says, it WAS a power resistor.  A wirewound 2W power resistor of undecipherable resistance due to the scorched cover. It looks like the one leg was completely vaporized. Nasty. That had to be a mechanical failure that caused arcing at the soft lead.

If you don't have a schematic, try to put a ohmeter across the exposed end of the wire and the remaining lead. Use the closest higher value resistor you can find. I would reccomend a version of the above, original, resistor that is flameproof as well. Hopefully the cooked lead didn't fry the PCB trace as well. If it did, you may be ble to use either jumper wire or, if enough of the trace is left, put a solder covering over it.

Once you repair the board, keep your eye on the repair and see if it gets overly hot. If it does, you likely have other issues and need to find them or replace the board and/or fan entirely.


Looking at the picture again, I believe that is a 18 ohm 2W resistor. The board seems to be putting the actual values near the components as seen next to the ceramic disc capacitor marked 104.



7 years ago

Looks like a power resistor got HOT.  That is the effect not the cause.
Possibly the fan is drawing more current because of a inner winding short.

If the resistor did not hurt the board, it is probably good to go when you replace the fan.