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what electronics do I need for push solenoid to extend and retract once with 5 sec delay after power on from 110 timer? Answered

trying to automate cassette tape deck for my church. deck & amp power on from external power interrupt timer. need to build device with push solenoid to extend & retract once on a 5 sec. delay after power comes on to push play button on tape deck. timer turns on for 10 min. Mon-Sat. & for 20 min. on Sun. what electronics do I need for this and a simple schematic would help.


if it were me I would digitise whatever is on the tape recorder and have it played by a computer program set to play at those times. Less moving parts so less problems.

Thanks for the idea but we are a small rural church with a small, ageing congregation and I was just trying to do something with what we have.

Cool. you can get a used computer and linux for next to nothing if you look.


Can't help but agree here. Unless there is some sentimental value to using a cassette....