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what fillings can i put in a simple pasty? Answered

i am using shortcrust pastry like the outside of a cornish pasty but i want to make a traditional pasty with a twist ,what can i fill it with


Do you have any strawberries? You could make that and add it in the pasty. From my memory this is how you make it. It may be wrong.

Get 4 cups of strawberries. Cut them and smash them anyway you want to. Add 1 cup of water and heat it in a pot. Add 1/2 cups of sugar or until it is thick. Try it to see it that is how you like it. Then add it in the pasty.

I think that is how. I am not sure about it. I made it last month and it was yummy. :)

Herbs & veg or meat
Sweet meat (what the UK call mince meat as in mince pies)
Vegetarian version sweet peppers, onion, tomato, courgetts,

You summed it up well...meat, and not meat :)

Really, anything goes in a pastry.

Wow....those are beautiful. Almost nothing I make in the kitchen is what you could call "pretty", although it usually tastes good. Too many years of bachelorhood I suppose.

earlier this year, there was a boon of mushrooms. one of the things I did was make a pie crust and make mushroon onion ?tarts? ?foldovers?

Just chopped shrooms, chopped onions, a few seasonings and a bit of olive oil mix up in a bowl, then dolloped into 1/4 sections of pie crust with a lump of butter.

wet the edges and pinch the crust together to seal, and off to a 350F-375F oven until the top is golden brown. (just be careful not to get any of the oil on the edge or it won't seal.)

for sweet, pretty much anything, from butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to various fruit fillings and chopped nuts. (which others seemed to have covered pretty well)

Stewed steak, blue cheese, pepper, bit of gravy, potato.


It would depend on whether you want sweet or savory. Any pie filling would work (i.e. apple, cherry, blueberry, peach, etc). You could mix just about any fruit with cream cheese for a filling. You could also mix spinach and onions with cheese, seasoned beef like taco meat, sausage, pork, or chicken for a savory dish.