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what foods should I eat to prevent pimples ? Answered

I never had acne until the age of 25 and since then I have been struggling with very bad and embarrassing breakouts!  I have tried so many different type of acne prone products and even proactive.  I have yet to find a solution to my embarrassing acne breakouts.  Please help.



Despite "common knowledge", there are no pimple-causing foods.

Pimples are collections of grease and bacteria in a blocked pore.

Cure and prevention at home are the same thing - regular washing with antibacterial treatments (take your pick) and exfoliation. It's not instant. No matter what you see on adverts, the cure is not, and will never be, an overnight event.

If your outbreaks are as bad as you imagine (and they are frequently far less than the sufferer perceives), then you need to visit a doctor for "topical cream", which may be antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory.


You can really eat any food, but if its greasy, make sure to wash your skin right after so that there is no remaining oil.

Do get the opinion of a certified medical professional. They spend years learning about human-biology, so they ought to know something about your condition.


Lemonie I know I should see a dermatologist, but at the moment I don't see it happening because I have issue wit my insurance. But I will look into it that once my insurance is clear I see a dermatologist. Thanks so much for your advice. =)

How about a Pharmacist?
They spend years learning about what medications do - they should be good for free advice.


(where I live you can still get free healthcare)

Food has little or nothing to do with most adult acne. It's highly likely that your acne has a fungal component that's not being addressed by the "standard" products. Consider adding a few drops of Tinactin to whatever cream you normally apply. I found it very useful in almost eliminating my adult acne problems, way back when I was in my mid 40s and read an article about the same yeast being present in vaginal infections, foot infections, and facial acne, and I put two and two together. They treat the other two with anti-fungals, so...

My recipe called for washing face, using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol, then a 50:50 mix of anti fungal with standard anti acne cream and voila, after a couple of months of regimented treatment, it went away. pretty much permanently.


6 years ago

Just eat a healthy, well balanced diet and take proper care of your skin. If your acne is a real problem, see a dermatologist.

One more thing - keep a food diary. That way you can tell if there is something in particular that you eat a day or so before you get a major breakout. Not everyone has the same sensitivities.

Try avoiding highly processed food that contain a lot of preservatives. It might help and it can't hurt. They aren't that good for you anyway. Some people (a bunch in our family) are sensitive to nitrates in particular and have acne breakouts after eating foods high in them. Typical culprits are american cheese, hotdogs, and packaged lunchmeats.