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what form is data inputted to the wireless section of a USB wireless bluetooth mouse/leyboard? Answered

It is well known and common to be able to buy wireless keyboards and mice. These often plug into the computer via USB in the following way:Mouse/keyboard data ->bluetooth wireless->USB.My question, is: in what form is the data which goes into the bluetooth wireless transmitter. and by that i mean does it go:mouse/keyboard data->USB->bluetooth wireless->USB.or is it as mentioned further up?

if the data is in the form of USB before being transmitted, does that mean that some other USB device (for example a memory stick or similar) could also be transmitted (even if the feed is slow etc)


Serial. Anything going thru usb is serial. Something on the other end turns it back into parallel data.

BT is a very complex protocol. There is no simple answer to the question, and only a deep reading of the various standard documents is going to help you. BT supports multiple communication profiles, for different jobs, whether your chip supports what you want to do is something you'll have to find out.

BT is/was a notoriously implementation dependent standard.