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what free games can i download onto a memory stick that works on any computer Answered

what free games can i download onto a memory stick that works on any computer has to be less than 4GB



There are so many questions like this (how can i get on X blocked website at school?, etc) it makes me wonder what is going on at schools that kids have so much free time to spend BSing on computers.

at my school some kids figured out how to get past blocked facebook they did https//:facebook.com instead of http//:facebook.com


6 years ago

Tic, Tack, Toe game in Real-Basic for Windows.

(or on paper with your friends :D )

This sounds like your intending to use it somewhere you shouldn't - like school.

Please try to concentrate on your study.

It's no help putting As soon As possible on the end of every question you submit It doesn't impress urgency.

its just at lunch were allowed on the computers and when i put my usb in and tried to play the game team fortress 2 that i downloaded onto it and it said ''file unsupported''

Just search for Portable Games for your OS on Google,there are many Indie Games sites that offer what your looking for.



Like Rick said... It sounds nafarious. I sincerely doubt anyone on this site will help you do anything like that. Also, concerning ASAP, if someone knows of an answer for a question on here, they will probably answer right away... Not to mention that putting it on this question is downright stupid... I've never heard of a gaming emergency.

I don't know of any. Some games will work on any OS but there is a diferent distrobution for windows mac and linux.