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what good oboe reed? Answered

i've looked around for good oboe reeds, and while i have found www.wwbw.com/Marlin-Lesher-Oboe-Reed-473063-i1413185.wwbw reeds to be generally good quality, but they too started making reeds not to my preference (they now have a very soft tip, and a stiffer back- just asking to break when i'm turinging around or something). i have found other hand made beauties, but they all have some quality like "intermediate" or something i don't understand, and don't want to risk. i have been playing for 4 years, and now i want something better. prefer a softish tip and a medium strong back, at medium or medium soft level.  is there any maker or seller or brand that is similar or colse to my preferances out there and beneath 15 dollars?

note: you can see i barely know any of the reed terms- just the oboe and what i could elarn from my teachers


I've been playing for four years myself and you will not find a reed better than one you make yourself because you can make it exactly how you like. If you study privately, see if your teacher knows how to make them. You can generally make an excellent reed for under ten dollars (once you learn).


7 years ago

screw oboe, play bassoon!


8 years ago

You have to make your own reeds. In 4 years, your teachers should have taught you about the process. A good player fills up a basket with failed attempts at making his or her perfect reed until they graduate from the music school. My best advice is, ask your teacher to teach you how to make your own reeds, and practice at it a lot :)

Call the symphony in your town.  Find out where they get theirs.  Start at the top and go down from there.