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what gun are these bullets from? Answered

ok so i was tyding my room and came accross these bullets
 the largest one says : k 69 liia2
the second largest says d 10 a 86
the third largest is a colt 45 thats all i know
and the smallest says z2mm9 rg 88 then like a plus sign


 i'd say you're right about the 45 and the 9mm. just by the looks, it seems you have a .50 caliber and (the big one) and somewhere around .30 caliber (30-06, 270, 7mm, could be anything)

well ive found out the large one is from a browning .50 machine gun and the little one is from a 9mm piston and the colt is from well a colt just dont know the other one looks like somekind of rifle bullet to me

As a reloader I would say that second one is probably a .308 and the 86 was the year it was manufactured and the 10 maybe a "lot number" if its military surplus, put a magnet to it if it sticks its surplus
(and corrosive) . It may also be a 7.62x54R, because .308 in metric is 7.62x51 (which is 7.62NATO)so they are really close in size.

yeah. i'd say the second one is a 7.62

The second is either a .308 or.300 wsm

Second one looks more like .308 than .270, shoulder is too steep. Without a picture I would have said that 86 was the bullet weight in grains, but this projectile looks at least 150 grains to me.
The 10 might be a designation of lube or sealant if it is military ammo. Try google.