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what happens if I put compressed air instead of N2O in my car? Answered

I was thinking, if I put compressed air in the intake coletor, the improve of power ins't the same? as the nitrox sends nitrogen to make the comb. chamber cooler, and oxigen to burn the fuel, wich is the same elements that had air, the effect doens't had to be the same? thanks for aswering. have a nice day!


Nitrous oxide has a cooling effect on the engine, so when it's sent to the cylinders it gives off oxygen giving more 'oomph' to the engine. The good news with Nos is the cooling effect, as the extra oxygen ,makes the fuel/oxygen mixture very lean (that's why you only hit the Nos button when your foot is FLAT on the accelerator) - the extra oxygen means a much hotter combustion - so you need the cooling effect form the Nos. Compressed air would have a similar effect, but you'd burn the hell out of your valves and piston rings (expensive). Having said that, a turbo or supercharger does exactly that - it sends compressed air to the engine - the difference is that a turbo engine has a much lower compression ratio and is governed by a much more complicated ECU (electronic control unit). My advice would be to leave Nos for the boy racers, and don't even think about putting compressed air in your car. Rather go to your local mods garage and spend some cash on proper upgrades. It's cheaper in the long run, and much safer.

wel, right now I will not to do that, but, it's just an idea that have come to me, as a cheaper form of incresin the power of a buggy I wann to build, but... Thanks for you all!

. Adding compressed air is what a super-/turbo-charger does. Nitrous is an oxidizer.

Yes, the problem is we are assuming he's also adding fuel. If he's not he's just making it run lean, not increasing manifold pressure.

.  With a modern engine, the MAP sensor will compensate (within its limits) for the extra air of a forced induction system. For an older engine, yeah, you'd need to augment fuel flow as boost increases.
.  FWIW, NOS already dumps extra fuel into the engine when the nitrous solenoid opens.

I would guess it could work like a supercharger or turbo but most likely not without modifications

Unless you adjust the mixture you just make the burn lean - it may give higher revs but may also damage your engine. Injecting steam - Turbo charging - Water injection -Supercharging have all been done to raise compression and get more power. At your own risk!

If you could do this it would constitute some form of pressure-charging, you should improve the performance. Nitrous oxide is different. L