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what happens if you hold up a lighter to dry ice? Answered



Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide ( CO2 ). Exposed to room temperature, it undergoes sublimination... that is it becomes a gas without "melting" into a liquid state first. Exposed to higher temperatures, such as that from a small flame, it's going to do the same thing, only perhaps slightly faster. Now, CO2 is not flamable and is reasonably safe to handle. It tends to sink in air, which is why it is commonly used in making a "fog" that likes to lay near the floor for concerts, movies, etc. It's also used in some fire extinguishers, because it's non-flamable and can be used to smother a flame. ... which is exactly what's going to happen here. The CO2 gas subliminating from your solid CO2 is going to smother the flame of your lighter.

i got some dry ice today and tried this and thirty minuted later i came your question anyways when i put the flame up to the dry ice the gaseus (i konw spelled wrong) the gaseus co2 being released would deflect or estinguish the flame i thought it was odd but intresrting


9 years ago

There would be total protonic reversal, and all life as you know it would stop instantaneously and every molecule in your body would explode at the speed of light.

. Safety First!
. GF is correct that CO2 is "reasonably safe," but it is an asphyxiant and DI can cause frostbite. Use gloves/tong/&c when handling DI and make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Eye protection is a good idea as pieces of DI can "explode" from the block (a lighter will probably exacerbate that).
. Be aware of the dangers and take a few easy precautions and you'll be OK.

The lighter will get cold, as it transfers its intrinsic heat energy into the dry ice. The dry ice will 'melt' partially. I presume the lighter ISNT lit... :D