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what hardware would i need to remotely (R/C) control 8DC motors with an Arduino (Uno R3)? Answered

Hello instructables
I'm new to both Arduino and R/C;
Basically I want to build a ground (tank-like) R/C device which includes 8 DC motors/ Channels.

(motor shield(s), transmitter/controller, receivers etc.??)

could I use 2 x 4 channel receivers and 2 x 4 channel transmitters (build into one controller)
or would i HAVE TO use 1 x 8 channel receiver + transmitter? ( an 8 ch transmitter + receiver is expensive)

please give me your advise about my project (and if possible, try to give me affordable solutions :D )

since I'm a newb to both arduino and R/C would ANY help/ informations about this be very appreciated :D


I later on want to program it to be more autonomous(self-"thinking") and use sensors etc.

and my guess is that I with Arduino can change the way it reacts on the inputs easyer ( which "button" does what)

and also I just wanna learn arduino since theres so many uses for it.

If you just want to learn Arduino then you may want to start out with a much simpler project. Get a better feel for what the Arduino can and can't do. Once you get a better understanding of how to interface hardware and program the Arduino to use that hardware you can start moving towards your goal of an RC tank.

You may not have noticed the list of instructables on the right hand side of the page here. Have a look through them and see what was involved in getting the Arduino to run those bots and you'll have a good starting point.

Just out of curiosity why do you need 8 motors for an RC tank? I can see 4 being more then enough. 2 motors for the wheels (1 for each side), 1 motor to rotate the turret and 1 motor to adjust elevation of the cannon.

i also need a motor to control the front tracks (it's going to be like a packbot- google it :) ) and i need one to open/close a "hand" so basically 6 would be enough, but would like be able to connect ekstras for later "expansion"

8 motors may be to many for one arduino. I've seen a shield that can run 4 but you will start to run out of pins before you can run 8 motors. To use arduino you will need at least 2 boards talking to each other.

i know (close to) nothing about arduino, is it possible to use 2 boards together?
do you know if it hard to do?

I know you can interface 2 or more boards. I'm currently working with my first Arduino so I'm no expert but check out these articles from the Arduino website on MasterReader and MasterWriter.

thanks, i definitely think this is usefull :D

just found this (don´t really know what it is but) could this be what I'm looking for??



6 years ago

As steveastrouk says, Why the Arduino? Just use R/C... RF tx, rx modules and and encoder/decoder chips... Or instead if you really wanna use the arduino, then just use the arduino with the rf modules, write your own code for tx and rx.

Why the Arduino ? Just use R/C !