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what high school is good for me? Answered

im about to go into 8th grade and i have to start thinking about what high school is right for me. i love science and weather, i think i want to be a meterologist. i live in glassboro new jersey, and i need a high school that is close. i cant go to glassboro, i cant go to pitman because i dont live there, olma; pvi; and glouster catholic are too much money, and i cant think of anymore high schools...do you know any high school that is good for me?


I would imagine that ALL the schools in your area have an acceptable Science Curriculum. It's good to consider all possibilities, but what's most important is that you apply yourself and do well in all of your classes so that you have the best chances in post secondary education.

Um. The author is in the U.S. Either "all" the schools in her area have an acceptable curriculum, or none of them do (thanks to the yowling YECs). If none of them do, then she's just hosed and might as well resign herself to a life of docile servitude, the way God intended.

I think they would be too far away.


Thanks to No child left behind and the way school systems work all of them will be about the same. The only time you find differences in school in the same district is when you look at private schools.

Man, times have changed. When I was in school you went where they told you based on geography and the number of current students.

It's kind of sad that society is forcing 8th graders to make serious decisions about their future careers. They're not even adults, heck most 12th graders don't know what they really want to do.

As far as your question megan I have no idea. This is probably not the best place to find that answer. I believe there are websites that rate schools.