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what houshold products are made of calcium chloride? Answered

i need calcium chloride for a school chemistry project and i dont know where to get it



Best Answer 6 years ago

  • Aquarium suppliers (it's an additive for marine aquariums)
  • It's a food additive (E509).
  • Swimming pool chemical suppliers (it's used for buffering pH)
  • Building suppliers (it accelerates the setting of concrete)
  • It's in self-heating cans.
... and it's also available on ebay.

Thanks guys but i dont know if damprid would work the same......but thanks any way i'll still try it.

At stores in the former U.S. you can find a product called DampRid(r) http://www.damprid.com/faq

It's dry calcium chloride.  When you peel the lid off a container of it, it starts turning into hydrated calcium chloride, by absorbing water from the air.  As it turns out, this is the intended function of DampRid(r) as a product:  removing water, or dampness, from its surroundings.

Anyway, I linked to the Damp-Rid(r) FAQ, because one of those questions is , "What is the DampRid formula used in the moisture absorber products?", and the answer is it's calcium chloride.