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what if your a kid? Answered

im a teenager and i dont have any tools



Choose tools next time instead of that new game. Choose a tool instead of that pizza. Choose a tool instead of a movie. Don't buy that candybar. save the money and buy a tool.

That's how you get tools. It's called (very adult like) deferring gratification. it means that you don't buy what you don't actually need, and then you can INVEST in tools.

Which of course allows you to make and repair  things.

For instance, I just invested in a Ruby reference at a cost of ~$50. Now of course, I really wanted to buy a pair of bluetooth headphones (which would have cost about the same), but I DO need to pay my bills, and I have to limit my discretionary purchases to things that have some potential for improving my situation, instead of just gratifying me with more useless junk that will be obsolete in 6 months.

I deferred my gratification in order to benefit my long term possibilities.

Start small. save for a set of screw drivers. With your new found skill at fiscal responsibility, soon you'll be able to purchase soldering irons, dremels, saws, and all sorts of useful things.

In addition to the other excellent answers here, you can often check out tools from your local library.  (Yes, really, the place with books.  At my library you can check out tools as well as artwork, music, movies.  All sorts of stuff.  And as long as you don't damage anything and return it on time it's free!)

Buy a few, as you need them. Or find an adult who has tools and is willing to let you use them and/or teach you  how to use 'em.

A heck of a lot can be done with a couple of screwdrivers, a hacksaw, a soldering iron, and a knife. More tools let you do a bit more, but more importantly let you do it more precisely and easily.

Pick a project that requires fewer tools - papercrafts, knots etc.

Borrow tools from an older relation.

Ask permission to document projects you do at school, or even to use school resources outside of normal lessons.  Your teachers might enjoy joining in with the project and being in the Instructable - we have had more than one teacher using this site as a way for students to present the results of their project work (hovercraft and catapults spring to mind).

.  Pawn shops are a good place to get simple tools for cheap. I wouldn't buy a torque wrench there, but I've bought lots of combination wrenches, screwdrivers, &c at pawn shops.

What kind of tools are you looking for ? Handtools you can probably find at garage sale.