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what is RFID?give its complete technology ? Answered


Did you ever watch The X-Files? The strap-line was "The truth is out there.", but they made several series out of it because people went looking. If Mulder had asked someone "What is this UFO thingy? give it's complete technology?" and got the answer there wouldn't have been much in it...


Well said.
I would point out that a major difference between RFID and The X-Files is that when they make an RFID device, the creators know what it's supposed to end up as before they start building. Not so much with the X-Files.... Curse you, Chris Carter!

Don't get me started. That could have been such a great show....

I picked up 6 episodes the other week (having watched most years ago), but I'll try not to get you started.
Be seeing you.


What, indeed, is Google, give its complete technology.


Good one. You just made me snarf hummus out of my nose.

Which is especially odd, because I wasn't eating hummus....

 its a really cool new(maybe not so new) tech. its RFID radio frequency identification , basically a small chip that uses the power from the wireless signal itself to work. it has an internal chip that stores information. it has quite a big range and its applications range from shopping malls and parking lots to identify cattle by attaching an "RFID tag" to it. there are many ups and downs of this tech. it makes keeping track of things very easy but many argue that it could cause violation of peoples rights because even if youve got a pass that has a tag in your bag and your walking within range of a RFID tag reader it can be read and edited and your presence can be identified. There many future applications such as tagging even the currency.

basically, it's an antenna, with a chip

when the antenna gets within range of a reader, it will generate power, powering the chip

then, the chip will send a digital signal to the reader, which will be a number