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what is a correct resistor to use on a 2n3094 transistor? Answered

im connecting it to a Positive 9volt signal for a distortion



Best Answer 8 years ago

The perfect resistor is the one with the colored bands on it.  The one with out the bands is the wrong one.

I am looking to put it between the collector and the positive output of my battery, here's a diagram, but it is using a different transistor, and the site said that i would need to put a different resistor before the transistor if i used a different type. i am looking to change the 10k resistor, and i am using a 2n3094 instead of the mspa13 transistor, the cap to the left is 4.7uf, elec.  and the one to the right is 0.1uf film


Why do you want to add a resistor? Circuit diagram please.


That is like asking, "how long is a piece of string?"

What kind of circuit, which resistor, what are you trying to do?