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what is a free cg software that is not blender or paint? Answered

I want to make a landscape terrain. Oh I have google sketch-up and it deos'nt do what I want it to do. Any one know of a free software. thanxs a ton -MiiWii3


Thanks for explaining what you need.

My favorite program for terrains is Terragen:
Teragen is versatile and free for private use (you have to register if you intend to use it's images for business).

I was trying to write a long review of it and a number of other programs, but to be honest I have not found any decent competing freeware in the same category. Vue 7 by E-On Software is better, but not free and is a pig on system resources. I'm just going to give you a link to a list of Terrain programs, because this is an exhaustive subject. http://www.3dlinks.com/links.cfm?categoryid=1&subcategoryid=72&order=catrating Note that Terragen is #1

Why not blender? Its the best free 3D software i can think of. Is there some kind of limitation to it? I'm sure Milkshake could do something like that...

I could'nt figure out the landscape, just animals and stuff.

Blender randomly crashes on my computer.

any office software has some vector graphics drawing capabilities

i use myself karbon 2.0 beta (from kde office) for much stuff and really like it (though it feels and works like beta)

there is open office too (but not as high quality drawing as karbon)

for raster editing there are and paint.net and gimp