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what is a good engine to use in building a high speed go kart? Answered

I need 2 find a good engine 2 use for building a go kart. I would like to know horsepower ratings, and if i should use gasoline or electric engines. If an electric engine, then what type of battery i should use (lead acid, LiFeP, etc..)



Best Answer 9 years ago

Petrol (gasoline) gives you the best power to weight ratio. Your best bet would probably be a "twist-and-go" scooter engine & continuous variable (automatic) transmission. Something like a Honda C90 would give you a gearbox and chain drive, which is perhaps even more ideal, but also more expensive... L

thanks for your answer, a "twist and go" engine sound like a great option for me

Use a honda clone 6.5hp harbor freight engine and buy a high prefomance parts kit for that engine

JEGS Performance sells parts for beefing up Briggs and Stratton.

Make sure you document this project and post it! Please?

I believe that petrol (gasoline) engines are the most common. Source them from lawnmowers, mopeds or motorbikes.