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what is a good program to use if i need two camera feeds that i can switch between? Answered

My church recently started recording our services on DVD and we are looking for a way to have multiple cameras at once so that panning and zooming do not interrupt the service.  is there a way that we can hook up two cameras and switch between them throughout the service? Are there any good programs you could recommend for this.


Another option is to record both (or more) feeds simultaneously with a synchronous timecode...as in they are always started and stopped recording at the same time. When it comes time to publishing the dvd, you can import both video tracks to most a/v editing software, then tell it when to swtich between the two whenever you want. If you want a "live" solution for broadcast, or reprojecting in the background so everyone can see, there are many church projector software packages that do just that, like powerpoint on crack cocaine with the ability for an operator to prepare screens, videos, live feeds, etc, and seamlessly transit between them.

.  Many small churches are making DVDs and/or broadcasting their services nowadays (my parents' church does both). I suggest contacting some of the churches in your area and see what equipment and vendors they are using. They may be able to point you to a church-friendly vendor that offers discounts. Or you might get lucky and they will have an old switcher laying around that they will provide gratis.