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what is a good recipe (that is still sweet and tasty while being healthy) for a person with gout? Answered

My father has gout, and it seems his attacks come on as a result of too much rich, sweet food. I want to bake him something delicious, but I don't want it to cause him to have a gout-attack. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!


A person I know has been able to relieve his symptoms of gout quickly by eating and drinking stuff made from cherries. They sell pure cherry extract syrup at health food stores and taking it several times a day in drinks really helps reduce the inflammation a lot. Maybe do a cherry pie or tarte. Seems a diet to cure gout throws out a lot of normal foods. Good luck.


9 years ago

There are a few desserts recipes here (on page 2 and 3).

I think bean and beef ragout are the last things he needs. : ) There's something wrong with that recipe finder- it only seems to work when you go to "category search", "health concerns", "gout", "see recipies". Subsequently hitting reload or clicking on a tag seems to break it.

Of course you need to talk with a doctor to diagnose metabolic arthritis for certain, and you need to follow the advice of dietician to plan major diet changes. Disclaimer aside, there are a few things you can try diet-wise.

First, try to encourage your father to maintain a healthy weight. This probably means exercising more and eating fewer calories. You know the drill. Eat all your veggies for the day (yes, both of you!) and use meat just for flavoring. Don't drink sweet drinks.

I am sure you have heard this before, but your father's gout is a great reminder that you need to take this seriously. Maintaining healthy diet and exercise habits really will cut down the risk of almost any kind of health problem you can imagine.

There is some dietary advice particular to gout treatment: Cut down on protein, especially meat, but also beans.