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what is a good trip wire mine for airsoft? Answered



I happen to know a few. It depends on what you want. A laser tripmine, or a wire/mechanical tripmine? See Spl1nt3rc3ll 's instructable on a airsoft tripmine, very simple. iloveairsoftstuff also has MANY tripmines. I have not posted any, but if you PM I can send you a few schematics. -RoAr

i was thinking cheap so the lazer one is probably a no-go. if u could send me those plans that would be great

Well, a laser tripmine, to the furthes of my knowledge, will cost you maybe 10 -15 dollars. Anyways, on to the schematics...If you want a laser tripmine, wait until the weekend, when I have some time. -RoAr


I think I saw some instructables for some here. The ones made from disposable cameras are awesome, they just let off a flash, which is really useful in night games. We were playing in cornmaze at the end of it's season. There was a 40' tower in the center with a floodlight that we were defending. There was one path to the tower that was in the shadows almost right up to the base. I had a mine placed part way down the path. When we saw the flash we lit it up. If you're willing to put the money in to it you can get trip wire traps for high intensity glow sticks which would allow you to see everything in the area for a short time. You could make them but they need to be fairly strong to crack the sticks. The british ones I saw were all heavy steel and springs. I find most trip wire traps that fire projectiles aren't practical because they're either very cheap and inneffective, or expensive and not something you want to leave unattended on a field. So unless you can engineer something that you don't mind losing, giving yourself a tactical advantage in a game is probably more realistic and effective than straight forward traps.