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what is a mill ball and how do i get one? ( for making al powder) Answered

HELP!!! what is a mill ball and how do i get one? ( for making al powder) needs 2 be cheep!!


'How do i get one"-order it from a catalog. Also goes by the name 'rock tumbler.'

Try Google or wikipedia for basic info. Homemade versions are out there, but depend on how much you can do with your hands.

Yes it is. The difference is a ball mill uses larger media to crush a smaller product where a rock tumbler uses smaller media (which gets ground up finer in the process-hmmm) to polish a larger product.

ball mill not mill ball and you can get them on unitednuclear.com but be careful with doing explosive stuff in there so i suggest lead grinding medium

And just for trivia's sake, they're also used in the funeral industry to grind up the "cremains". So after you're cremated the cremains are crushed in a cremulator.


11 years ago

"Ball mill." A motor-driven cylindrical container that you fill about half full of hard balls (metal, ceramic, etc) and whatever you want to be more finely powdered. Then you rotate it for a couple hours and the heavy rolling balls powder your 'stuff." these are generally not useful for making powdered aluminum because Al is too ductile; you get flattened big pieces of Al instead of powder. So what ARE you trying to make, anyway? The average machine shop might be a source of more Al "filings" than you could ever use (though rather coarse.) And pyrotechnic mixtures tend to be rather picky about exact types of Al powders, depending on desired effect.