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what is a nerf gun? Answered

theres always 'ibles on 'nerf guns', wat r they? please help!



Best Answer 9 years ago

A gun that shoots nerfs.

Nerf is a company that was invented when a game invented by office people who would play with foam rocks. a man would hide a bit of money under the rocks and he would defended it by throwing rocks at the "thieves." they did not like the aerodynamics of the rocks so they carved them into spheres. their boss was impressed with the little balls so he decided to patent and sell them, he named them "nerfs" to communicate their soft friendy nature, (not my words.) they then proceeded to create other things such as shoes, cushions, and cases (ds, gameboy etc.) and one day an employee saw his son playing with a dart shooter and thought that nerf could make them as good if not better, so after numerous prototypes the first nerf gun was made the Nerf bow n' arrow. it was massive so they made more and more and more.

I just wanted to add to that information, and say that NERF stands for Non Expanding Recreational Foam.


9 years ago

they don't shoot nerfs they shoot darts!

A Nerf gun is a toy gun that shoots darts. They are popular because you can mod them to shoot further and so on. There are different guns, like machine guns, revolver-like guns or single shots.