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what is an epic costume? What is an easy costume? Answered

What is the difference between an epic costume and an easy costume?  Is it just the time you put into it?
The head peice took the longest to make. The rest was just clothing.
Trying to figure out which catagory to put it in for the Halloween costume contest.



6 years ago

Enter it under both easy and epic and see what happens, it can't hurt.

To me, epic is something ridiculously time consuming, expensive or technical, that most people wouldn't try reproducing (ie something like this) whereas easy would be anything else, but that is just my interpretation.  Like I said, it couldn't hurt to enter it in both easy and epic.


6 years ago

The Creativity is what makes it Epic as well as the Heroical representation,
even though pancake stops at the nostrils.


The difference is in size, time and skill required.

Up to a single evening's work, not requiring specialist or expensive tools or materials, and it is obviously being worn by a human, I would [personally] call "easy". Beyond that, I would call it "epic".