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what is celeriac , how do you cook it and what does it taste most like? Answered



 Yes, celery root. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celeriac)  Cut off the outside, chop into chunks, and boil until soft.  Eat as-is or mash with butter.  Good, like the heart of celery.  Also you can eat it raw, cut into thin strips..

I REALLY like it as a form of colslaw. Instead of onions, carrot and cabbage, slice it REALLY thin and mix it with mayonnaise. It's amazing, I've only seen it in shops in France though, they call it remoulade. Back home I have to make it myself (although it's better that way).

Unsurprisingly enough, it tastes like celery.

I've used it in soups, chipped and pre-dried in a dehydrator from my two attempts at growing celery (which were kinda sad but modestly successful.

Although the cutting into slices idea sounds like something I might try in the future. I know I like broccoli stalk that way.

Celery root, I believe. I do know Joy Of Cooking has at least one recipe and some advice on buying.