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what is ftw? what does it stand for? Answered

 I have seen alot of peole say ftw. But i just don't seem to get what it means. Can u please help me?



Locally it means" Fort Worth". As in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

But if seen on the net, I would agree that is usually means "for the win", and if not then the context of the statement should give you a clue as to the exact meaning.

Thats funny !!!   Ask any real road goin' biker and you will get a very different answer !

Th' FTW you see on their vests and jackets is for F***k Th'  World

It means "for the win"

It is higly used by gamers who want there team to win but also is used commonly in discussions.
When one of the people in the discussion makes a very good argument somtimes people quote him and say "ftw!" to announce that they support his answer and that he should "win" the discussion". In this case many people also use "quoted for truth" or "seconded"

So in short it means that you support the view of somebody else or your team and you want them to win

For the Win (or less commonly, F*ck the What)

in my experience, it's a gaming term, meaning "For The Win!"