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what is the best cleaning chemical for hard to remove grease form detailed wooden cabinents? Answered

what is the best cleaning chemical for hard to remove grease from detailed wooded cabinets?



8 years ago

Can you get sugar soap where you are? It is a liquid that is used specifically to remove stains and grease build up. I also used something once to clean a heavily stained and greasy piece of MDF at warp speed because it was needed fast, using:...WD40!

thank you Z for your suggestion..on cleaning..i tryed the wd40 it worked great...i asked around for sugar soap...but no one knows what it is...i will still keep trying..thanks again..happy holliday....katita

Sugar Soap in the US is Trisodium Phosphate or TSP found in the paint section at a Hardware Store.

You're welcome! Glad it worked!

Seasons greetings to you too, katita.

I'll second sugar soap. Amazing stuff for grease.

I use dish soap. Ordinary palmolive, water, and elbow grease. If you're refinishing the cabinets, you might consider trying something a little stronger like TSP.

thank you for your responce..on cleaning...i tryed palmolive...but the grease was to tuff, ..i tryed wd40..and it worked easly...i am looking for sugar soap...i want try this product...happy hollidays...katita

thank you guardian fox i will definity try palmolive....the cabinets have a shiny finish on them under the heavy grease...