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what is the best ever knex gun witch does not take up to many peices? Answered

I made a briliant knex crossbow but can't find it again so what is the best knex gun




8 years ago

IAC's ast pistol is good and very good if u modify it to shoot 2 or three shoots at once and into a crossbow

that would be pretty subjective, nobody can rightly say that theirs is the best.

dj radio i made tour crossbow and it does no tave 2 many peciz and it is amazing ,. i love the trigger mech

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BTW, there is a bolt action one, it looks better and feels better when reloading.

well that depends, any gun in the Tr series by KillerK, personally I'd build the 18 shot version, but id you want a crossbow, have a look at viccie's h.a.w.c v10.0 (i think) it is powerful and accuarate

beamrons break action shotgun fires kitchen knives. or Drummer Ians crossbow. iac's V4 is great too.


9 years ago

I_A_C's spiff is pretty dang good.


9 years ago

benfoxg's B.S.R raptor it uses ton's of yellow connectors but if you replace all of them on the bottom with white's it does not use as many

It depends on how many pieces you are talking about.... though i wold reccommend IAC's heavy cannon - handheld.