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what is the best fuel to use for fire poi? Answered

some say to use a combination of fuels mixed together......but what is the magic formula


Can you use just gas to for poi or no

I like to use a mixture of 75% white gas and 25% ultra pure lamp oil, which is a 3 to 1 ratio. This mixture gives you the bright flame of the white gas but it burns slower and doesn't catch clothes on fire if you hit them with the poi. I usually get about 6 minutes of burn time with the 4 inch "Twista" wicks (same thing as moonblaze) from Home Of Poi. Also this is a very clean burning mixture, it doesn't smoke much at all and the only time I get soot on myself is when I do contact moves like wraps or catches.

it depends on how long you want to spin. For example pure white gas(liquid camp fuel, will typically burn for 3-4 minutes. But you can dope the fuel with kerosine or lamp oil to extend the burn to anywhere between 5-7 minutes.

There are pros and cons to both but ill just go over major performance cons

with white gas it burns hot(400 or so degrees) and will transfer fuel to anything the poi hits very easily (This has to do with its flash point) and it can lead to burning cloths hair and structures. Pros it is brilliantly bright and doesn't smoke leading to very clean performances

with kerosine mixed or pure: it is not as bright, it smokes, and it smells. Pros it will not transfer fuel very easily


8 years ago

Odorless mineral spirits works really well. It burns clean and bright with minimal smoke and is not really explosive. You can buy it at any paint store or Wal Mart in the paint section.

Most used are kerosene(aka paraffin, lighter fluid) or lamp oil. Other fuels are not recomended, and there are even some cautions with the above mentioned fuels. Google it and look for a forum to join that specializes in this type of performance.

Y'know I had to Google this to find out what "fire poi" is.
The first result seems to answer the question, or do you need something more than this?