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what is the best knex under barrel mounted grenade launcher on instructables? Answered



take 4 blue rods and attatch them skipping spaces around 5 white snowflakes, but put an orange connector 2 snowflakes in to act as a block trigger. then build a standard white snowflake/orange connector barrel 5 layers thick and a yellow rod long, attatch them together and you may need to mod to attatch to your gun. but to fire, just use a black/grey rod for firing pin and load in random junk (the debris at the bottom of a knex box works well here) or you can load in marbles, rods, and many other things.

They're all bad really, it's just an excuse to post block triggers.  Besides, they are totally not needed on a knex gun.

The only under barrel mounted grenade launcher I think is half decent and the exception to what I said above is the one on The Jamalam's storm 223, to actually answer your question.